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At Brownsburg Dental Professionals, our mission is to help our patients achieve3600 Intraoral Scanner gorgeous smiles as conveniently as possible. Our Indianapolis dentist strives to create personalized treatment plans to make treatment convenient for our patients' lifestyles, and in addition to customizing treatment plans, we're proud to use only the most advanced dental technology in our office for superior treatment quality. Our cutting-edge dental tech ensures that your treatment is as effective, quick, and convenient as possible – whether you're getting cosmetic dental treatment or restorative care

Intraoral Scanner for Goop-Free Dentistry in Indianapolis

At our practice, we are committed to your convenience. That's why we're excited to incorporate the cutting-edge CS 3600 Intraoral Scanner into virtually all of our dental treatments. The intraoral scanner is an advanced medical imaging device that allows us to capture full-color, high-definition pictures of your teeth and the inside of your mouth, then use sophisticated software to stitch the images into a fully-realized 3D computer model of your mouth. 

Using the intraoral scanner allows us to create faster, more effective dental treatments for our patients. With the unique 3D models the scanner produces, we get a detailed view of your teeth and can plan the exact shape and color of restorations like fillings, crowns, or dental implants. This allows for more accurate treatment and a better smile overall. Furthermore, the intraoral scanner allows us to do away with physical impressions completely. This means you'll never have to sit with uncomfortable dental putty in your mouth – it's goop-free dentistry!

Benefits of the Intraoral Scanner

With the advanced CS 3600, our Brownsburg dentist can streamline the treatment process for unparalleled convenience. You'll get to experience all of the following benefits when you choose us as your Indianapolis cosmetic dentist:

  • Continuous scanning allows us to scan the entire mouth in minutes
  • No messy dental putty – we simply wave the small wand through your mouth to take the images
  • Digital workflow allows us to forecast treatment for more accurate restorations
  • Superb image quality ensures we never miss a detail

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