Communication Form

At your first visit, we ask all of our patients to complete our Communication Form. This form allows you to choose how you would like our office’s automated system to contact you regarding upcoming appointments quickly and efficiently.

There are multiple ways our automated system can contact you to confirm and/or cancel an upcoming appointment. These include:

  • Phone call

  • SMS/text messaging

  • Email

By filling out the form you can select which way you prefer to confirm your appointments. You can also deny all of the previously mentioned options, however when doing this you will receive confirmation phone calls from our staff.

Phone Call Appointment Reminders

When signing up for phone call confirmations, our automated system will call the number you have specified on the Communication Form. The automated system calls 3 - 4 days prior to your appointment and allows you to confirm or cancel your appointment. If you need to cancel, you can either call our office to reschedule or we will contact you after reviewing our automated systems response report.

Text Message Reminders

SMS/Text messaging is quick and convenient for a majority of our patients. If you choose this method of communication, it is important you to sign up by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Fill in your cell phone number on the communication form

Step 2: Text LOEFFLER to 622622

After signing up, you will receive a text message asking you to confirm your appointment 2 - 3 days prior to your appointment date. You only have a few hours to confirm your appointment so be sure to confirm as soon as you can.  If you sign up for both phone calls and text messaging our automated system will automatically text you to confirm and will NOT call you as well.

Email reminders

Our email system is set up so you will receive a Save the Date email with your appointment time a month prior to your appointment date. This email is simply a reminder and does not allow you to confirm or cancel. One week prior to your appointment you will receive another email, this email allows you to confirm or cancel your appointment. If you cancel or do not respond, our staff will call you 2-3 days prior to your appointment to confirm or reschedule.

Contact Us

Your time is important to us. If you have not confirmed, canceled, or not responded to any of the above mentioned confirmation methods then our staff will call you to ensure you get the appointment time you want/need by confirming or rescheduling your appointment.

We do our best to ensure you are getting the appointment times that are best for you, and confirming or rescheduling appointments helps us to achieve this! Please do not hesitate to contact us at 317-852-9787 with any questions, as we are always here to serve you.