Teeth Whitening

As your trusted providers of cosmetic dentistry in and around Brownsburg, Indianapolis, and Avon, IN, we at Brownsburg Dental are here to help you attain your most beautiful smile. While we go above and beyond to offer a plethora of great and advanced ways to improve your smile, the most popular one is actually also the simplest one. Our teeth whitening treatment is a simple procedure that’s sure to give a patient a whiter and brighter smile.

About Our Teeth Whitening

At Brownsburg Dental, we use Nu Radiance and Crest White Strips to give our patients brighter and more beautiful smiles. Unlike other cosmetic dentists that use in-office teeth whitening treatments, we give our patients take-home teeth whitening trays and whitening gel as they cause less sensitivity to a patient’s teeth and they’ll offer better long-lasting results. Nu Radiance is one of the most advanced teeth whitening systems available and it can offer optimal results.

Your Brownsburg cosmetic dentist will instruct you on how to use your teeth whitening trays to meet your desired effect. In many cases, it’s a procedure that can be as quick as 30 minutes. Within about five-to-eight days of using it, you’ll start seeing wonderful results.

The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is an incredibly popular cosmetic dentistry option for good reason. Teeth whitening offers many excellent benefits for a patient that includes, but isn’t limited to, the following:

  • Your smile will look much better.

  • It will give you a more youthful appearance.

  • Having a brighter smile may even give you more confidence.

  • When you’re not afraid to show your smile, you can be yourself and you won’t have to worry about hiding your teeth when you speak, smile, or laugh.

Contact Your Brownsburg & Indianapolis Cosmetic Dentist!

If you’d like to learn more about our Nu Radiance teeth whitening treatment, we encourage you to contact us with your questions, comments, and concerns. We at Brownsburg Dental are glad to help you in any way that we can! If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist in or around Brownsburg, Indianapolis, or Avon, IN, please feel free to fill out our appointment request form. We can’t wait to hear from you and help you attain a whiter and brighter smile!