Restorative Dentistry

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Restorative dentistry, often referred to as prosthodontic dentistry, focuses on the management of individual tooth health and aesthetic cosmetics. Simply put, dental restoration ensures that all of your teeth are working together properly and are aesthetically pleasing.

From accurate diagnosis to simple restorative procedures, Dr. Loeffler at Brownsburg Dental Professionals in Brownsburg, IN can help bring your smile back to life with quality dental restoration.

Dental Care & Diagnosis At Brownsburg Dental Professionals

No matter the case, our primary goal is to preserve the natural state of your teeth as much as possible. Taking extra time to identify the root of the problem and find the best possible solution, our staff will educate you on dental restoration prevention and best practices to maintain healthy teeth for the long haul.

For Dr. Loeffler and our team at to best treat our patients, it’s integral to successfully diagnose what may be causing the issue at hand. Using an all-encompassing approach to determine the factors playing a role in tooth decay, we dive deep into discovering our patients’ upbringing, experiences, and previous life choices that might have lead to the poor condition of their teeth today. Even with a lifetime of proper dental care, unavoidable causes such as accidents or genetics can cause a need for dental restoration.

Types Of Dental Restoration

With the advancement of technology in restorative cosmetic dentistry, there are many different procedures we offer to help revitalize damaged or missing teeth. Depending upon individual diagnosis from one of our team members, Dr. Loeffler will recommend a procedure from one of two types of dental restoration: direct restoration or indirect restoration.

Direct Restoration

Completed in a single office visit, direct tooth restoration at Brownsburg Dental Professionals involves either placing a white composite filling into a prepared tooth cavity or adding dental bonding to a chipped or stained tooth. As these procedures are basic in nature, our team can begin to treat the issue immediately.

Indirect Restoration

Indirect tooth restoration involves customized tooth replacements in the form of crowns or bridges. An indirect tooth restoration will require more than one office visit, as the replacement tooth must be fabricated in a lab prior to the procedure.

While considered both a direct and indirect restoration (depending upon a specific diagnosis), a root canal can sometimes result in the patient needing a custom-made porcelain or resin crown, completely replacing a previously cracked tooth.

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Quality time spent on good oral and dental care is crucial to preventing tooth damage and decay, but sometimes certain circumstances lead to a need for dental restoration. Dr. Loeffler and our team at Brownsburg Dental Professionals in Brownsburg, IN can help diagnose specific issues and provide accurate solutions to anyone in need. If you have any tooth pain or discomfort, don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members today to schedule an appointment. Your dream smile awaits!