A Baby’s Path to a Wonderful Smile

A Baby’s Path to a Wonderful Smile
Posted on 04/14/2017

When you’re looking for a family dentist or kids’ dentist in or around Brownsburg, Speedway, or West Indianapolis, we at Brownsburg Dental strive to offer you the best in compassionate dental care. We’re proud to provide a family-friendly environment that’s perfect for those of all ages, no matter how young. We understand that developing a healthy smile for life starts as soon as a child is born, which is why we place an emphasis on our early dental care. A baby’s path to a wonderful smile is dependent on his or her baby teeth; it’s vital that you instill within your child the importance of taking care of these baby teeth. 

Why  Primary “Baby” Teeth Are Important

Unfortunately, a lot of parents don’t recognize the importance of primary teeth. Many people believe that because primary teeth are short term and fall out at an early age, they don’t play a significant role in regards to long-term dental health. However, this belief is completely untrue. Primary teeth play a critical role for your child because of the following reasons:

  • Primary teeth serve as guides for the eruption of permanent teeth.
    • Primary teeth hold the appropriate spots open for the permanent teeth to come in.  When baby teeth fall out early, teeth can shift out of position and the permanent teeth can come in misaligned.
  • Healthy primary teeth can equal healthy permanent teeth.
    • Keeping the primary teeth healthy and decay free is extremely important. If you have severe decay in a primary tooth the permanent tooth that is developing underneath can be damaged causing problems in the future.
  • Having healthy primary teeth will help a child chew better,  allow him or her to maintain good nutrition , and set them on a path for success with the proper care of their permanent teeth.
  • Primary teeth aid a child in speech development.
    Healthy primary teeth and a beautiful smile will build self-esteem for a child.

It’s important that you help your child keep up with his or her dental hygiene during these earlier years. Good oral health as a child will lead to great oral health as an adult.

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