Drinks That Attack Your Teeth

Drinks That Attack Your Teeth
Posted on 02/13/2017

Brownsburg Dental is proud to be your premier choice when you’re looking for a cosmetic or family dentist in or around Brownsburg, Pittsboro, Avon, and Lizton, IN. When you’re in need of dental care or dental treatments, going to an office that provides family dentistry should be your first option. Family dentists are recommended because they offer a wide range of proper care needed for patients of all ages. Dr. John Loeffler is a respected and well-regarded family dentist because he cares for all his patients and places significance on their well-being. Dr. Loeffler isn’t only capable of providing efficient and comfortable dental treatments — he’s also here to offer excellent oral health tips that will benefit everyone in the family. One such beneficial tip is to avoid consuming too many drinks that can damage your teeth and cause tooth decay.

The Effects of Tooth Decay

 Tooth decay is the destruction of your tooth’s enamel, which is the hard, outer shell of your teeth. Tooth decay can lead to toothaches, cavities, infections, gum disease, and possibly even tooth loss. Not only that, but tooth decay can be harmful for the entire body in many ways as well. Toothaches can cause a person to be unable to chew properly or eat certain foods, which may lead to a lack of nutrition. Also, when you’re unable to chew properly, you may not be able to break your food into smaller, digestible pieces, which can lead to GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). It doesn’t stop there either! Serious cases of tooth decay can sometimes lead to infections which can ultimately cause fatigue, flu-like illnesses, or even heart disease.

What Drinks Can Be Harmful?

The worst drinks for your teeth are generally those that are acidic and those that are sugary. These are the ones that are most likely to cause tooth decay. Some of the drinks that are most harmful for your teeth include:

  • Soda

  • Energy drinks

  • Sports drinks

  • Lemonade

  • Orange juice

  • Alcohol

How You Can Prevent This

 We’re not telling you this to strike fear. We ultimately want to provide you with actionable steps to ensure your health. Some of the ways we recommend preventing tooth decay and keeping your teeth healthy include the following:

  • Drink more water. Water isn’t only healthy for you, but it’s a neutralizing drink that can wash away the acid and sugar in your mouth.

  • Make sure to brush multiple times a day as well to clean your teeth and rid your mouth of any leftover acid or sugar. It’s always best to brush after you’ve eaten.

  • Limit the harmful drinks you consume.

  • If you’re going to drink anything that’s acidic or sugary, use a straw when you consume them. This will cause the drink to bypass your front teeth.

  • Visit the dentist twice a year to ensure that your teeth are healthy and not suffering from tooth decay.

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