Does Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Work?

Should I Try Charcoal Teeth Whitening?
Posted on 04/16/2018

Should I Try Charcoal Teeth Whitening?

At Brownsburg Dental Professionals, our mission is to help patients of all ages in the Brownsburg, IN area achieve a beautiful smile through quality dental care. Recently, though, we've noticed a new trend in at-home dental care: charcoal tooth whitening. This DIY teeth whitening method involves brushing your teeth using an activated charcoal paste to lift the compounds that stain and discolor teeth – but does charcoal tooth whitening really work?

How Does Charcoal Tooth Whitening Work?

The principle behind charcoal whitening is that activated charcoal is a highly porous, absorbent substance, and thus it can lift away chemicals causing stains on teeth. This is mostly true. Activated charcoal, which is made from normal charcoal made extra-porous by heating with oxygen, is one of the most absorbent substances on the planet and is regularly used to treat poisoning by soaking up toxins. But does it work for making teeth whiter?

At this time, there are no clinical studies assessing the efficacy or safety of charcoal teeth whitening. It's Teeth Whitening Treatmentlikely that the method can remove some surface discoloration, but charcoal can't penetrate below the level of the enamel to remove deep stains in the way that professional teeth whitening can. Furthermore, charcoal is highly abrasive, and brushing your teeth with it will scrape away the top layer of enamel and leave them more vulnerable to decay and other stains. In short, charcoal whitening may carry some short-term benefits, but it's far less effective than professional, in-office teeth whitening treatment and may leave teeth more vulnerable to stains in the long run. 

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